Monday, 9 March 2015

Second opinion | Medical Tourism In India

Medical Tourism in India
In this contemporary and fast moving world, our human life is constantly invaded by new deadly diseases which poses a big challenge to us. The field of medical science with its constant enhancements has almost healed all kinds of diseases to increase the human life span. Medical tourism in India is blooming and it has become one of the preferred destinations for medical treatments for people across the world as hospitals in India have state of the art medical technologies, proficient doctors and skilled health care professionals.
Health Opinion is one of the growing health tourism company which helps out patient who are in need for solutions to their medical problems. We at Health Opinion offer tailored care to each patient with reasonable economic rates, where their needs are met quickly at the right time without bearing any additional cost.
The fundamental goal of health opinion is commitment towards customer’s satisfaction and to serve them with utmost care. We offer various services like booking an appointment with concerned doctors, referring them to best hospitals for medical treatment suitable to their estimated budget and also obtain second opinion from various hospitals to make them understand their health issues.
Health Opinion assures their patient with quality care that is on par with world class medical technology. The health opinion team has dedicated professionals at 24/7 and gives solution to patients at the earliest with our established network of well qualified consultants and India’s top most hospitals. We specialize in areas of Orthopedics, Cardiology, Spine problems, Oncology, Neurology and Neuro surgery, Transplant surgery, Urology, Infertility treatment, Cosmetic treatment, General surgery, Women and Child care. We are connected with leading single and multi-specialty hospitals across the major cities in India. The enquiries submitted to us will be addressed within a maximum of 24 to 48 hrs with an estimate from over two or three hospitals and the patients can choose the hospitals upon their requirement.

We serve both domestic and international patients. We have supported patients from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Djibouti, Iraq, Srilanka, Nigeria and United Kingdom. All of our patients go back to their home with complete happiness which is shown by their testimonials. The medical tourism in India is becoming very important in comparison to other countries because of the excellent treatment methods and low price.
Health opinion welcomes the patient with warmth and care starting from the airport pickup, accommodating them at the hospitals or service apartments/hotels and coordinating with the hospitals for medical treatment. We also assist them in meeting their dietary needs by providing different cuisines according to their taste. As many people from abroad find difficulties in their language, health opinion facilitates them with interpreters so that they have a secured feel. As a part of our tourism package we also offer local sightseeing activities so that they relax despite of their medical problems. Some of our additional values include exchange of foreign currencies, consultation for people in remote areas through telemedicine facility and visa assistance.  

The team at Health Opinion provides a comprehensive package to take care of your health necessities at your door step. We help to save your precious time and money with utmost satisfaction. In short Health Opinion ‘Connects you to Good health’ with superior care. 


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